Today I had an interesting discussion with Robert van Dijk, our projects director. I briefed him on one my own projects and he did not stop asking questions! It all was centered on one specific one i.e. “why is this customer working with MSS Defence (and not directly with the OEM or a local OEM’s representative)? Of course my answer was very simple (after all I’m a Marine) and can be structured along some principles of war:

  • Offensive action – We seize the initiative and keep on moving. We do not leave the initiative to others and continuously seek alternative ways to win the deal.
  • Flexibility – MSS Defence staff changes readily to local circumstances, we react swiftly and adapt at high speed. Customers receive proposals within 24 hours. If needed we can offer solutions from different sources.
  • Cooperation – We work with our local partners as a team and share risks and opportunities.
  • Unity of command – At MSS Defence all customers have one single point of contact. You will not be directed to and from different departments. Customers have one personal account manager, responsible for the project at hand.

Writing this post I remember a meeting with a senior military official not understanding why we were offering an alternative solution being cheaper compared with a solution we offered before. Following our advise he would have “more effect for value” but our income would be less:

Now I know why you are doing this, you are former military!  




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