PrestooX video compression solution

Create output with your own specific configurable settings

The ability to compress any video format from original up to 99.7% without loss of quality. Other technologies do the same except that they only compress file sizes up to 40-50% without loss of quality.

Video compression technology

PrestooX runs on any Macintosh computer and manages the possibility to Encode, Transcode, Log Processing, etc.

Ability to apply on every Macintosh machine and encode / transcode your video files for all your needs. The solution takes in every common format as input and gives many desired outputs. It can also give multiple formats as output all at once if needed.


  • Highest quality and lowest bandwidth with lowest file size
    Full-Automatic Multiplex/Multi-thread video compression system
  • Universal and Automatic Video Batch System of Encoding and Transcoding
  • Configurable Input Drop-Folder and Output Folder
  • Customizable Configuration Files with Colour Attributes for free-definable video parameters for output representations
  • HLS Generation for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming on Ordinary Web Servers
  • Database-Driven backend
  • Simple labelling of Input Video Files regarding specific customized configuration files
  • Speed of use
  • Log file generation
  • Stability through use macOS
  • Multi-threat technology up to 58+ parallel processes on Mac Pro
  • High integrity

Adaptive video playback

Say goodbye to “spinning wheels” and “Loading” messages. Every 5 seconds, our video player checks your bandwidth and device used to watch contact and adapts to ensure optimum streaming for quality and bandwidth capacity.

The video player operates all known formats in the world. We can customise specifics at your request.  



Want to know more?

Please complete the form below and we will take up contact with you. We can also give a demonstration of the capabilites of PrestooX on location in the Netherlands or online if you prefer that option. Everything is possible

Value advantages

  • Ease of use
  • Ability to use Mac application
  • User-friendly
  • No time-cosuming training sessions necessary
  • Low size of installation package and files

Tested application domains

  • Entertainment application domains
  • Security (CCTC)
  • Law enforcement
  • Military applications (drones. intelligence)
  • Medical
  • Education
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