UVIScan is manufactured by SecureOne International BV. Their R&D, Manufacturing, Testing and Worldwide Distribution facilities are based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. SecureOne has offices in Eindhoven and Antwerp (Belgium).

Since 2004, they have supplied their systems to many system integrators and installers all over the world. their systems have been installed at a wide range of end customers, which include many military, governmental, and private organizations where high security measures are simply a must.

With their extensive experience and dedicated team they are ready to offer you exactly what you need, and support you with any inquiry you have. We are looking forward to meet with you, personally discuss your requirements, add our specific know how, and supply you with the best possible integrated solution for your security issues.

SecureOne International BV

In today ́s world, we are facing increased threat from terrorism, crime, theft and vandalism. We have to protect ourselves against these threats by increased security measures. The efficiency and quality of security staff can be considerably enhanced by using modern technology.

SecureOne International BV is a fast growing company, specialized in development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of special security systems for Access Control and Perimeter Security.

With their extensive experience in these specific segments, their dedicated team is ready to offer customers exactly what they need. We are always looking forward to meet with our customers, personally discuss the security requirements, and provide a tailor made integrated solution for to meet these requirements.

Mission Statement:

“The objective of SecureOne is to be a market leader in its operating segments, offering the world’s best available technology and service to our customers, making our world a safer place.”


Please visit our online store for a complete overview of the UVIScan (by SecureOne International BV) products.

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