Are you ex-military, or affiliated with military, police, law enforcement or security? Do you want to establish or grow your existing business? Within an environment that reflects military values? Do you have a local network that can stimulate growth? You do not know where to start? We at MSS Defence can surely help you take the next franchise step.

Your challenges and questions:

  • My network of manufacturers is not developing as rapidly as I would like to.
  • I am not receiving the proper amount of attention from my manufacturers, sometimes they do not reply at all.
  • As a small business I am not acknowledged by larger companies.
  • I would like to spend more time on sales than on administrative, financial and marketing tasks.
  • Sometimes I feel that I’m lacking up-to-date military know-how.

MSS Defence offers:

  • Manufacturer network. A global network of best of class manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Speed. We answer all your questions within 24 hours.
  • Financial benefits. Support for administration, sales, marketing and purchasing combined with a lucrative reward system for realized sales
  • Reputation. A well-established registered trade name.
  • Knowledge & Experience. A multi-background team of experienced former (senior) officers and NCO’s.

Become a member of our MSS Defence franchise community:

  • Connect your own network to that of MSS Defence.
  • Exploit the MSS Defence trade name and business model.
  • Get the exclusive rights representing MSS Defence in your territory.


  • For registration and managing your franchisee membership we ask a monthly fee of only 100,00 USD.

Your challenge is our mission. Please do not hesitate to contact MSS Defence.

At MSS Defence we believe that military values like integrity, trustworthiness and result orientation are the baseline for a successful business in the defence industry. We like to see these values not only within the MSS organization but maybe more importantly also within our business network of customers, influencers, manufacturers and business partners.