Product Specifications Downloads

Here you can find all the product specification downloads for all the products currently on our Ukrainian webpage

Price List MSS Defence

Download the MSS Defence price list

Being updated

Quality Assurance Statement Anti-Ballistic

 Download the Quality Assurance Statement Anti-Ballistic

PVS-7 Gen2+ Tactical Night Vision Goggle

Download the PVS-7 Gen2+ Tactical Night Vision Goggle specifications

Panoramic Tactical Goggles

Download the panoramic tactical goggles specifications

Night Eyes MNVD

Download the Night Eyes MNVD specifications

PVS-14 Gen2+ Monocular

Download the PVS-14 Gen2+ Monocular specifications

Thermal Clip-On Night Vision Attachment

Download the Thermal Clip-On Night Vision Attachment specifications

Mitsubishi SIngle Cab Petrol Pick_Up

Download the Mitsubishi Single Cab Petrol Pick-Up specifications

Mitsubishi Double Cab Diesel Pick Up

Download the Mitsubishi Diesel Double Cab specifictions

MICH Helmet

Download the MICH helmet specifications

FAST Helmet

Download the FAST helmet specifications

PASGT Helmet

Download the PASGT helmet specifictions


Download the IFAK specifications

Operators Set

Download the Operators Set specifications

The Commode

Download the The Commode specifictions

Soldier Load Carrying System

Download the Soldier Load Carrying System specifications

Anti-Ballistic Set Basic

Download the Anti-Ballistic Set Basic specifications

Anti-Ballistic Set Mark 2

Download the Anti-Ballistic Set Mark 2 specifictions

Trauma Plate Protection Level NIJ IV

Download the Trauma Plate specifications

Brief Relief Solid Waste Disposal Bag

Download the Brief Relief Solid Waste Disposal Bag specifications

Tactical Field Shirts & Pants

Download the Tactical Field Shirts & Pants specifictions

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