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The application, while serving as a digitalized scoring system, also provides real-life combat challenges and drill trainings, helping to improve cognitive skills, reaction time, trigger control, reflexes and overall statistics. The training modes work on the basis of verbal commands and light signals directly on the target. Users can set up multitarget or multiuser modes and track their performances in the archive of results.

Smart Targets

Instantly detect your hits via bluetooth. Thanks to the unique technology – electroconductive material in smart target – TrainShot can detect each shot in real time and send it immediately to your smart device via bluetooth.


Guides your shooting with creative scores


Works with any weapon & any metal bullets


Tracks your overall progress


Sets challenges to improve your shooting


Designed to withstand accidental shots


Target designed to withstand up to 200 hits


Smart steel targets that track your shooting


Airsoft targets that track your hits

How does TrainShot work? 

In a nut shell. The TrainShot target detects the hit zone of the metal projectile fired from the weapon. The electronic unit connected to the target sends data to your smart device. The smart device records the hit zone, your score, your reaction time and other statistics.

There are additional kits for shooting ranges and long range shooting.

Video of TrainShot in action

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