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As you already know MSS Defence’s one-stop-shop is filled with many products from multiple brands. Occasionally we will spotlight various brands and products. Here you can learn more about brands, products and industry use cases.

PVS-7 Gen2+ Tactical Night Vision Goggles

Gen 2+ Night Vision Goggles with multiple features.

PVS-7 Gen2+ Night Vision Goggles provide an ability to observe the terrain under the darkest conditions. Waterproof, lightweight and compact this is one of the most affordable systems on the market, an excellent choice for recreational or professional use. Gen 2+, Night Vision Goggles, minimum 53 lp/mm resolution, helmet/head mountable, waterproof, built in ‘IR on’ and ‘low battery’ indicators.

Supplied with the following standard accessories:

  • Soft carrying case
  • Head gear
  • 2x AA battery
  • Objective lens cover
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Operation manual

Want to know more about this product and purchasing possibilies? email us at

Anti-ballistic set mk 2

Tactical vest from high strength nylon fabric. Stitching of high strength nylon thread. Rugged nylon pouches and webbing. Shrink free high density mesh lining. Overall Mil-Std quality. With inner insertion system for anti-ballistic trauma plates. With quick release system. The rear part of the vest is designed to carry a hydration bag. The front of the vest is fitted with a rifle suspension system. Adjustable shoulder and waist straps for comfortable all-size fitting.

The vest is completed with 2 soft anti-ballistic inserts protection level NIJ IIIA andd 2 trauma plates protection level NIJ IV (stand alone). The helmet is a MICH type offering protection level NIJ IIIA. With slow rebound memory foam, excellent for shock absorption. Fitted with a NVG shroud at the front. Both sides are equipped with rails to connect accessories. With a one size fits all inner adjustment system.


  • For self protection
  • Tested and certified
  • Delivery within 10 -14 days
  • Tactical model
  • Competitive pricing
  • Wholesale discounts possible
  • Delivery FCA Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Want to know more about this set and purchasing possibilies? email us at

MSS Defence Anti-ballistic set basic

This anti-ballistic set contains a basic black cover with adjustable velcro straps and 2 pouches to insert trauma plates. Inserted in back and front are 2 removable soft anti-ballistic inserts offering protection against 9mm bullets. The anti-ballistic trauma plates can be inserted in the back and front pouches. The trauma plates offer protection up to 7,62mm armour piercing bullets. The helmet is a fits all PASGT model offering protection up to 9mm bullets


  • For self protection
  • Tested and certified
  • Delivery within 8 -10 days
  • Basic model
  • Competitive pricing
  • Wholesale discounts possible
  • Delivery FCA Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Want to know more about this basic set and purchasing possibilies? email us at

Defenture light tactical vehicles

A Dutch quality light tactical vehicle (LTV). With various unique features, seeing is believing! Outperformed competitive vehicles and was selected by the Dutch Armed Forces to replace the current 4×4 vehicle of Dutch SF forces. The first vehicles, named VECTOR, were commissioned in early 2018. At MSS Defence we are proud to represent Defenture and can assist potential customers in the enitire process from buying vehicles right up to constructing a local assembly plant. More information »


Fujifilm was the brand it all started with back in 2009. Since then we sold many FUJINON binoculars and many cameras to demanding customers. Cameras for long range observation of mussel banks by a Dutch university. Or equipping UN forces with state of the art night vision binoculars. Or how about fixed mounted very large binoculars for harbour authorities? With the newest SX-800 we recently equipped a customer wishing to have observation capability for long range precision firing. Check out the LinkedIn post about this solution here. Or you may use the quick link to check out all products of this popular manufacturer.

A new kid on our block is the IGEBA brand. A high quality German manufacturer of the Port 423 back pack sprayer. And other sprayers of course. These sprayers are used for many purposes. One of these is desinfection of areas that are potentially infected with COVID-19. These sprayers are used by (public) transportation companies (and others) in many countries all over the world. Check out the LinkedIn post here.

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