HUGE DISCOUNTS on a few selected Fujinon binoculars models, you may contact MSS Defence for more information. We offer on a “first come first goes” basis. An unique opportunity for the most demanding customers to purchase state of the art Fujinon optics.
Gyro-stabilized binoculars. We have a few excellent brand new Fujinon Stabiscopes for sale. With 12x or16x magnification. The Stabiscope series offers two different model binoculars, which were first introduced by FUJIFILM in 1980. Ever since the Stabiscope series introduction, Fujinon has made a reputation for itself as a leader in manufacturing high-quality binoculars, including binoculars featuring stabilization. These gyro-stabilized binoculars lock in on the subject to create a stabilized field of vision at high magnification. With high stabilization freedom, you are sure to get a solid image of virtually anything that flies, floats, or rocks and rolls! Designed with water and fog proof construction (Nitrogen Purged). O ring sealed. ±5° of vertical and horizontal stabilization. Availability: 16.
Large binoculars. On sale: Fujinon 25×150 Large Binoculars. Various models with 25x or 40x magnification. The Fujinon large binoculars are suitable for astronomical and marine usage (and more). This rugged and massive binocular telescope has been developed to provide sharp and clear images at distances of 300+ meters. It can be used for distant for applications involving surveillance, coast watching, mountainside observing, and low light nature studies.Military binoculars. Special day or night vision binoculars with 8x magnifduication and unique mills reticle. Very few build so an excellent collector’s item. Availability: 5.
Military binoculars. We have only a few left. High end 8x binoculars for day and night vision. With mills reticle. Only a few of these binoculars have been built so this is your chance of purchasing a real collector’s item.The Fujinon 8×50 FMTR Day+Night combines top quality binoculars with a binocular night-vision instrument and offers unparalleled flexibility for a wide range of applications. Availability: 4.
Now with HUGE DISCOUNTS, contact MSS Defence for more information. We offer on a “first come first goes” basis.
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