At MSS Defence we have on the ground military experience with security of compounds, sites and checkpoints. Developed from the early nineties. We have managed UN company and HQ compounds. We have manned checkpoints in the most hostile environments. So we know what we’re talking about. We use this knowledge and experience to help and assist our customers. We advise on the design and operation of military sites but we also supply all kind of materials needed for compound and checkpoint operations.

For long range security we supply fixed wing UAV’s that can be equipped with various sensors for gunshot detection, thermal imaging, day and night vision. These UAV’s stream data to any dedicated user on the ground. So that commanders are aware of any threats, even when these threats are not imminent yet. We even supply gunshot detectors that can be remotely fixed positioned by rotary wing UAV’s. With the effect that any hostile artillery or base plate position can be timely and accurately identified.

We protect compounds and checkpoints by supplying easy deployable barriers. In a few minutes customers can erect their perimeter and sanger framework. Just a matter of filling up with sand, dirt or rocks and your site is protected. We can even supply equipment for this like excavators and shovels.


 We supply all equipment for static checkpoints. Like special detection equipment for under vehicle inspection. Or backscatter systems for detection of organic materials like explosives, drugs and people. In case you need vehicle barriers or bollards, no problem, this can be included in the package. We can even supply remotely controlled access control systems for high risk situated compounds. Of course we supply all the hand-held products like inspection mirrors and metal detectors.



For mobile checkpoints we supply a variety of hand-held equipment. We even supply hand-held back scatter inspection cameras. And do not forget that we can supply a variety of suitable military vehicles.


For operations at night we supply high power search lights, laser dazzlers, night vision cameras and goggles and a variety of sensors for long range detection, recognition and identification.


Site and security protection? We’re ready to assist. For further information please use our contact form or send an e-mail.

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