MSS Defence Services Overview

Mission readiness is what we stand for and what we do. Mission readiness refers to the ability to understand, plan, program, and fulfil core mission responsibilities, even and especially in the face of emerging threats and other major changes in circumstance. Across today’s ever-shifting geo-political climates, this is a dynamic and critical need.

Standard Services

Premium Level Service Solutions

Immediate Assistance

We strive to answer your request within hours with a maximum of 1 (working) day.


Our service level is the same for all our customers, being small, large, government, corporate or individual.


All our products have a standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Quality Control

Before shipping we will check the proper functioning of your product(s).


If needed we will repack products ensuring a secure transit to any destination worldwide.

Flexible Terms

Our standard terms are EXWORKS. We can also ship under terms CIF and DAP. Additional fees may apply.

Quick Quotation

We strive to send you a quotation within 24 hours. For complex non-standard requirements this may be longer.

Flexible Payments

We support payments by bank wire, Paypal, Stripe and L/C. Additional fees may apply.

Additional Services


At MSS DEFENCE we have a very large network of various experts in multiple domains and on different levels. We can assist you to get “mission ready” depending on your specific needs.

Based upon a first intake we create and deliver tailored consultancy and support.


If needed together with our customers we design and execute product related training at any location and provide class room instruction.

Our military expert consultants can train your staff in various domains and various unit levels.


Upon request we deliver on-site user instruction at any location


In case you need extra support for longer period of time we can second staff.

DERUYTER Traing Support

The main activity of DERUYTER is secondment of retired but current and physically fit marine corps specialists to operational units to support instruction, training and exercising. More information can be found here

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