Since 2009 we have provided many world wide operating maritime companies with risk mitigation solutions. With products and systems. And with our straight forward crisis & security management approach we’ve identified critical assets, minimized vulnerabilities, identified threats and minimized the impact of crises.

Our services can include a combination or selection of the following:

Risk assessment
Threat assessment
Vulnerability assessment
Training and exercising of captains and crew
Vessel security planning
Vessel security execution
Supply of vessel hardening equipment
Security audits & tests
On-board bridge liaison

MSS Defence advises maritime companies on how to implement safe and legally compliant vessel protection concepts. We audit and test existing maritime security concepts and advise on how to make improvements.

Proof of our expertise is that we have been selected by the European Commission to perform a study on the security of cruise ships and related port facilities. In September 2016 we finalized and presented our report to the Commission. At this moment cruise ship companies and port facilities can make use of this specific expertise and we have already one new client “on-board”.

Check out our Cruise Ship Security Quick Scan here.


  • Crisis & security management consultancy
  • Security surveys and studies
  • Security planning
  • Training & exercising
  • Operational support


  • Anti-ballistic vests and helmets
  • Anti-blast protection
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Night vision binoculars
  • Laser dazzlers
  • High-intensity searchlights

A few projects:

  • Anti-ballistic equipment / Various
  • Binoculars / Various
  • Laser dazzler systems / Heavy lifting / Cyprus
  • Maritime security and protection / Heavy transport and others / Indian Ocean
  • Anti-piracy consultancy / Shipping / The Netherlands
  • Search lights / heavy Lifting / The Netherlands
  • Security surveys and studies / Cruise industry / Europe and The Caribbean