You know our innovative way of online marketing. With over 5.000 products from 200+ manufacturers. And with a unique worldwide franchise network. We have something completely new and different. Never seen before in the Defence industry. Now you can buy defence products for the price that you actually want to pay.

Our first auction offers:

  • high-end optics – binoculars and night vision
  • positioners
  • anti-ballistic gear
  • heavy duty ground plates

All products are GENUINE and FACTORY NEW and come with manufacturer’s WARRANTY.

The auction is for selected buyers only. You have to submit your name and personal e-mail address below. Then you will receive a personal invitation and only then you will be asked to participate. Your bid will be placed confidentially and your personal details will not be shared.

Interested? Then submit your details and have fun at this unique online auction!


Yes, I like to receive an invitation for this exclusive auction

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