Renovagen Ltd, started in 2012, founded in order to commercialise the transportable, rollable solar array generator invention. The company seeks to offer innovative renewable energy solutions and products which are disruptive technologically and commercially – in particular, applying innovative engineering to new and emerging technologies in order to offer novel solutions which maximise the value of those technologies.

In particular Renovagen is focussed on off-grid and self-sufficient applications and the trend towards “off-grid parity” of renewable energy systems. They aim to operate across a wide range of industries which face off-grid energy challenges.

Renovagen has developed a patented transportable solar power system which enables PV arrays of 200kWp or more to be deployed from a shipping container. Compared with existing solutions, it produces 10 times more power and can be deployed much more quickly. With embedded power cabling – all pre-connected – no electrical connections need to be made on arrival at site so it can be deployed without requiring specialist PV technical skills.

Ideal for disaster relief, military and remote industrial operations, the Renovagen system addresses the need for high power, transportable renewable energy systems which can eliminate the high costs of delivering fuel and maintaining diesel gensets in remote locations, whilst reducing carbon emissions, local pollution and noise pollution in sensitive remote environments. When compared with diesel generators operating in places with a very high diesel transportation cost, the product saves money – sometimes providing an ROI break-even in less than a year.

Having won an Innovate UK grant, a Proof-of-Concept project was completed in 2014 with outstanding results – a 6kWp demonstration system which has performed very well in outdoor testing. They are now developing an upgraded air-pallet container system (10kWp-18kWp plus up to 53kWh of energy storage) for market launch in 2015. Renovagen is carrying out pilot projects from June 2015 onwards and accepting pre-orders for systems of this size.


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