Below you can find a reference list that shows part of our trackrecord. For various reasons we do not show all our accomplishments however with the list you’ll get a good impression of our capabilities and past performance.


Project Customer Country /Region Year
Night vision and deterrence Fairstar The Netherlands 2010
Helicopter night vision MOD The Netherlands 2011
Anti-piracy consultancy Kahn The Netherlands 2011
Anti-piracy consultancy Van Oord The Netherlands 2011
Anti-ballistic Confidential Asia 2011
Thermal imaging Police The Netherlands 2011
Anti-ballistic MOD The Netherlands 2011
Security consultancy Confidential Sudan 2011
Thermal imaging Confidential The Netherlands 2011
Vessel protection equipment SHL Cyprus 2011
Long range observation Confidential The Netherlands 2011
Positioner Confidential China 2012
Laser dazzler SHL The Netherlands 2012
Anti-piracy consultancy Confidential PRC 2012
Observation day/night Svitzer The Netherlands 2012
Security design and architecture ESO Denmark 2012
Night vision MOD The Netherlands 2012
Spare parts MOD The Netherlands 2012
Force protection package Confidential The Netherlands 2012
Day observation Police The Netherlands 2012
Project Customer Country /Region Year
Positioner Cybernetica Estonia 2012
Night vision MOL Japan 2012
Security consultancy Confidential Malta 2012
Night vision MOD The Netherlands 2012
Anti-ballistic Confidential The Netherlands 2012
Positioner Elinktron Romania 2012
Thermal imaging Confidential The Netherlands 2012
Thermal imaging Confidential France 2013
Night vision Police The Netherlands 2013
Thermal imaging Confidential United Kingdom 2013
Long range searchlight SHL Malta 2013
Night vision MOD KSA 2013
Night vision United Nations Confidential 2013
GPS United Nations Confidential 2013
Thermal imaging Confidential Monaco 2013
Night vision United Nations Confidential 2013
Weapon sights Confidential France 2013
Spare parts MOD The Netherlands 2013
Searchlights G4S The Netherlands 2013
Night vision Police The Netherlands 2014
Project Customer Country /Region Year
Weapon sights Confidential Russian Federation 2014
Night vision United Nations Confidential 2014
Night vision Coast Guard The Netherlands 2014
Night vision Navy Oman 2014
Force protection United Nations Confidential 2015
Thermal imaging Confidential Monaco 2015
Night vision UN Confidential 2015
Day observation Coast Guard Oman 2015
Day observation MOD The Netherlands 2015
Night vision Confidential Israel 2015
Day observation United Nations Confidential 2015
Spare parts Navy Indonesia 2015
Anti-ballistic Confidential Burundi 2015
Observation Frontex European Union 2015
Night vision Police Norway 2015
Weapon sights Confidential USA 2016
Security consultancy Confidential The Netherlands 2016
Mooring ropes Navy Indonesia 2016
Spare parts Navy Indonesia 2016
Project Customer Country /Region Year
Positioners Rheinmetall European Union 2016
Port & ship security consultancy European Commission European Union 2016
Power supplies Confidential The Netherlands 2016
Day observation Coast Guard Oman 2016
Search and Rescue Confidential Pakistan 2016
Day observation Confidential USA 2016
Anti-ballistic Confidential Congo DRC 2016
Anti-riot equipment Police Tanzania 2016
Combat management systems SAR Indonesia 2016
Border guard security Army Indonesia 2016
Day observation Confidential India 2017
Weapon sights Confidential The Netherlands 2017
Helmet cameras Confidential United Kingdom 2017
Weapon sights Confidential USA 2017
Thermal imaging Confidential Belgium 2017
HQ Tentage Confidential United Kingdom 2017
Engine oil Confidential Pakistan 2017
Cyber defence consultancy Confidential The Netherlands 2017
Night vision Confidential Croatia 2017
Access control security Governmental The Netherlands 2017
Shelter lights Confidential PRC 2017
Night vision Army Ghana 2017
Laser range finders Army Ghana 2017
HF radios Army Ghana 2017
Lubricants Army Pakistan 2017
Project Customer Country /Region Year
Under vehicle scanning system Confidential KSA 2018
Thermal weapon sights Confidential Germany 2018
Shelter lighting system Confidential Asia 2018
Night vision Confidential Croatia 2018
Water purification systems Confidential USA 2018
Tactical lighting system Confidential The Netherlands 2018

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