Agile  |  Mobile  |  Lightweight  |  Customizable  |  Optional EMC-protection

The Arctic Fox shelter system is a complete, tested and verified multipurpose platform for defence, security and other demanding customer applications.

Designed to provide adaptability to customer needs, the Arctic Fox has clear interfaces for customer specific system integration. The system is designed to be tailored to various and specific customer needs.

The components of Arctic Fox are an electric power distribution system, heating, cooling, ventilation, racks and other assembly interfaces. The combination delivers a rugged base for further customer system installation and integration. The Arctix Fox shelter system can be used as a mobile command post, an operational command centre or any other platform for various command, control, communication and  computer systems.


Technical data 20 ft 10 ft
6 058 mm
2 438 mm
2 438 mm
2500 kg
7000 kg
2 991 mm
2 438 mm
2 438 mm
1500 kg
4000 kg
Interface Type *) ISO 668 1C
ISO 668 1D
EMC/EMP Compliance
Environmental Compliance
Ballistic Protection STANAG 4569 level I, II
STANAG 2920 level I, II, III
STANAG 4569 level I, II
STANAG 2920 level I, II, III



Power interfaces
Throughput Power
Main Power Input
Storage Power Input
Aux. Power Output *)
External Sockets *)
28VDC Output *)
Earth connection
400 VAC, 63A
230 VAC, 16A
400 VAC, 32A
16A grounded socket
28 VDC Filtered Output
M10 Thread Wing nut
Shelter control
Power Controls
Diesel Heater Control
HVAC Control
Internal Lighting Control
Shelter System Status


SENOP develops and constructs reliable equipment and systems for safety- and security-critical applications. Designed and built in Finland with over 75 years of tradition and know-how, all SENOP devices have been field tested under extreme conditions and are fully operational regardless of environmental circumstances. Cold, heat, humidity, dust, wind or high altitude does not restrict the use of the products. SENOP‘s systematic operating methods, combined with long experience, makes SENOP one of the best experts on extreme conditions. SENOP was established in the beginning of 2016 when Oricopa’s systems integration business joined Millog Optronics business, the Nordic Region’s largest and oldest provider of optical devices. SENOP makes part of the Patria Group.

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