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The backbone of NOICE INDUSTRIES’ security solutions is autonomous aerial, surface and sub-terrain observation, indoors and outdoors. With turn-key or do it yourself solutions. NOICE INDUSTRIES originated at the South-African battle front of physical security. The company is on a mission to rapidly expand and partnered with MSS DEFENCE to service and assist customers in the EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions. 

Turn-Key security solutions

Our turn-key solutions, marketed as EPIPHANY OPERATIONS are are (semi) autonomous security management solutions. Each solution is unique and customized to a specific scenario. For or solutions we take in account the current sistuation, threat, customer vulnerabilities and existing security counter measures.

EPIPHANY OPERATIONS include hardware like drones, smart sensors. and communication equipment. And software for mission management. Human components like pilots, sensor operators and maintenance staff may complement each solution.

We assist you with the security assessment. We implement, staff, operate and support each project. We also instruct, train and exercize all personnel that is part of the security project team.

Do it yourself security solutions

Customers requiring independence or are operating on a smaller budget we offer DeployUAS solutions. These do it yourself security solutions are quickly deployable solutions containing smart drones as core capability. Ideal for infrastructure surveillance, perimeter surveillance, event and disaster monitoring. DeployUAS solutions are designed for urban, rural, remote, disaster, day, night and indoor.

Each solution may contain one or more:

  • Multirotor UAV
  • VTOL Fixed Wing UAV
  • Indoor crash resistant UAV
  • Smart sensors
  • Mobile ground control station (GCS)
  • Day cameras
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Security management software
  • Communication equipment
  • Non-lethal counter measures
  • Custom hard cases

DeployUAS solutions can be purchased, rented or leased and are ready for instant deployment and operation. Training is available.

Cost-effective risk mitigation

By making use of drones, unique software and other smart components we implement one-off solutions that are autonomous, easily operated and cost-saving.

Security design and architecture

Our consultants are more than happy to discuss your need and to design a unique security plan. The goal of our design and plan is always to optimize your security tailored to your requirement and budget.

Your market?

You can benefit from our cost-effective & smart security solutions for various domains such as urban, remote areas, maritime, emergency response and airspace.


We have been active in the physical security domain for many years. Matured in the harsh South-African and Texan security environment. NOICE INDUSTRIES can demonstrate past accomplishments and can, on request, share references.


Turn-key semi-autonomous or do it yourself security solutions


With or without drone pilots and operators


Smart dashboard for full situational awareness


Real time report and audit capability


Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of to be integrated various drones


Integrated cyber security components

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