NV-66 Gen2+ Tactical Night Vision Goggles

Gen 2+ Night Vision Goggles with multiple features.

NV-66 Gen2+ Night Vision Goggles provide ability to observe the terrain under the darkest conditions. Waterproof, lightweight, and compact this is one of the most affordable systems on the market, an excellent choice for recreational or professional use. Gen 2+, Night Vision Goggles, minimum 53 lp/mm resolution, helmet/head mountable, waterproof, built in ‘IR on’ and ‘low battery’ indicators.

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Supplied with the following standard accessories:

  • Soft carrying case
  • Head gear
  • 2x AA battery
  • Objective lens cover
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Operation manual

The following optional features can also be delivered:

  • NVS Lens 3x: Focal 3x magnification add-on lens converts 1x goggle into 3x binocular
  • NVS Lens 4x: Catadioptric 4x magnification, interchangeable add-on lens converts 1x goggles into 4x binocular
  • NVS Lens 5x: Catadioptric 5x magnification, interchangeable add-on lens converts 1x goggles into 5x binocular
  • NVS Lens 8x: Catadioptric 8x magnification, interchangeable add-on lens converts 1x goggles into 8x binocular
  • Hard Case: MIL-SPEC hard transportation case for protection while transporting/storing unit and its accessories
  • NVS H Mount: PASGT infantry helmet mount
  • NVS S Mount: Shroud Helmet Mount for NVS 7
  • NVS Flip Mount: US-Style Night Vision ‘Flip-Up’ Helmet Mount for PVS 7
  • NVS Cam/Video: Camera/Video Adapter for NVS 7 for virtually any camera system
  • NVS SW: Sacrificial window to protect objective lens from harmful elements
  • NVS DS: Demist shield to prevent build-up of condensation on eye pieces
  • IR/75: 75mW, eye-safe IR illuminator, 200-300 m range
  • IR/200: 200mW, eye-safe IR illuminator, 400 m range
  • NVS U Coupler: Connects PVS 7&14 / AN/PVS 7&14 to LRFs and tactical day optics (universal)
  • T Mount Adapter: Tripod Mount for NVS 7/TVS 7
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