The BLUEBOX 4000 RO MIL EMC PATENT is a military grade water purification plant with EMC protection. This unit has a daily capacity of 96000 litres per day, giving 5 litres of drinking water for 19200 people, or 4800 pcs 20 L bottles.

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Patented and uniquely versatile 3-in-1 unit with RO purification production of 4000 l/h. Using only the Activated carbon or the UV light purification part of the system, the system will produce 8000 l/h.

– Clean drinking water safety exceeding WHO standards
– From any fresh water source
– ‘Plug & Play’ units ready for fast deployment
– Durable for 10-15 years under optimal conditions
– The whole system operates on just one pump
– Option for CHL

Type: Mobile Water Purification Unit, Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration
Special features: 1) EMC protection 2) Bypass RO unit for extra fast filtration of potable water
Raw water source: Fresh water: Municipal, lake, river, waterhole, stored water
Application area: Military and emergency field assignments
Capacity: RO: 4000 l/h | 96 m3 pd RO bypass: 8000 l/h | 192 m3 pd at +25 °C water temperature
Water quality: Superior WHO quality
Dimensions: L: 1200 mm, W: 1155 mm, H: 1132 mm X 2
Weight/Vol: 360 kg / 1.2 m3 | 270 kg / 1.2 m3
Power source: 4.0 kW, 400 Volt, 50Hz, three phase
Packaging: 2 sturdy, weather resistant boxes, stackable
Purifying filters: 100, 25, 5 micron, activated carbon, RO, UV-light
Pump type: Membrane pump. Can run dry, self-priming

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