PHOTONIS Night Vision – the world leaders in the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art Image Intensifier Tube for military, space and commercial applications. Night Vision has become a key opto-electronic technology in modern warfare as more and more combats take place by night.

PHOTONIS Night Vision products are in use in all NATO countries and are largely deployed worldwide. PHOTONIS offers a wide range of options to customize the image intensification tube to suit a variety of applications facing today’s modern armies, including desert, aviation and urban and under a wide variety of lighting conditions including dynamic lighting.

Their wide range of Power Tubes for Defense applications include tetrodes, triodes, and associated circuitry. These Power Tubes are essential components in a number of radar and communications platforms, and are manufactured to exact specifications for reliability and quality. PHOTONIS offers a wide variety of UHF Military power tubes for defense which are compact, high-gain configurations which are environmentally controlled for mobile, shipboard, airborne and fixed station service. These power tubes remain a critical part of defense communications across the globe.

PHOTONIS Digital Imaging leads the industry through its innovation in low-light imaging products. Optimized for day-through-night lighting conditions, these digital imaging products support surveillance and security applications, industry and research projects, and mobile use.

PHOTONIS Digital Imaging offers a wide variety of imaging products with high resolution, high frame rates, and low light capabilities, which can be paired with a number of interfaces and options to provide a superior low-light or day-through-night imaging solution.


To view all products currently offered by PHOTONIS, please visit our website.

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