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If you have interest in having your products and/or services being spotlighted here with MSS Defence please take up contact with us. 

We will continuously update and add more suppliers/partners to this section.

MSS Defence’s works with multiple suppliers and many products from multiple brands from these suppliers. Every supplier is important to us, but over the course of the years we have built special relationships with some of these suppliers. In this section we will highlight the a number of these suppliers and their products and services. Here you can learn more about these brands and their products.

We will continuously update and add more suppliers/partners to this section. If you have interest in having your products and/or services being spotlighted here with MSS Defence please take up contact with us either by going to the contact page or by e-mail


Fujinon SX800 camera

Fujifilm was the brand it all started with back in 2009. From those beginnings many FUJINON binoculars and cameras to demanding customers all over the world. From cameras for long range observation of mussel banks by a Dutch university, equipping UN forces with state of the art night vision binoculars to fixed mounted very large binoculars for harbour authorities? With the newest SX-800 we recently equipped a customer wishing to have observation capability for long range precision firing. Learn more about FUJINON »


Funkwork PlatonNEO camera housing

Your communication, security and process specialist. Innovative solutions for transport, industry and institutions  characterise the technological competence of the Funkwerk Group. This includes voice and data communication with GSM-R and LTE as well as SaaS solutions in the IoT sector, the topics of passenger information and electronic security systems. Learn more about Funkwerk »


EIZO high end monitor solutions

Working with the best. High end monitor solutions from EIZO. When you talk about EIZO, you talk about quality without compromise. And about products that convince with a high degree of reliability, image quality and ergonomics. EIZO’s DuraVision EVS1VX and EVS1VS image optimisation systems prove that image optimisation works beyond the monitor display screen. Both systems improve the recognition of video recordings in the fields of security, surveillance, infrastructure maintenance and real-time image analysis. Learn more about EIZO »


Wauwtec video compression technology

Wauwtec is a software developer and marketer in the field of video compression technology. Our video compression solution, an application named PrestooX, has the ability to compress any video format from original up to 99.7% without loss of quality. Other technologies do the same except that it compresses file sizes up to only 40-50% without loss of quality. Learn more about Wauwtec »


Passive cooling system for body armour

“The coolest body armour”. Passive cooling system for local body cooling. It is the simplest and most effective products that are recommended in extremely hot environmental conditions. Product ranges include combat shirts, shirts with ballistic protection, ballistic vests and helmet inlays range. Learn more about       Prevent&Delzoa »


Safety lighting solutions

Illuminate Your Toughest Environments with the Industry’s BEST in Scene Lighting! Innovative Solutions for All Your Safety Lighting Needs When seconds count and lives are on the line – FoxFury has the tools you need to save lives. FoxFury builds portable LED headlamps, flashlights, shield lights, scene lights and area lights. Learn more about Foxfury »


MuchMoreWater drinking water purification system

The BlueBox Suitcase system. The BlueBox Suitcase system is a highly portable drinking water purification unit made for smaller groups and platoons on missions to rural areas, humanitarian catastrophes, and other expeditions. Learn more about MuchMoreWater »


MuchMoreWater drinking water purification system

TrainShot brings an affordable innovation into the world of target practice providing a complete kit that replaces target retrieval systems and manual score sheets. An interactive paper target with the ability to detect bullet strikes, and a smart device application recording and evaluating scores in real-time. Learn more about TrainShot »

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