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In the military and law enforcement communities communication is one of the key elements for success. We can supply hand-held radios, satellite communication sets, base station radios and accessories like antenna masts. We can advise on integration and various types of management systems. 


Military infrastructure refers to all building and permanent installations necessary for the support of military forces, whether they are stationed in bases, being deployed or engaged in operations, such as barracks, headquarters, airfields, communications facilities, stores of military equipment, port installations and maintenance stations.


We can provide, amongst other products, tactical vest model molle system front and back with front and back inserts for trauma plates. Other products include various anti-ballistic packages with vests, helmets and trauma plates.


Mobility is a combat multiplier and provides the ability of a weapon system, combat unit or armed force to move towards a military objective. A highly mobile unit can use its mobility in its advancement and engage even stronger, less mobile opposing forces.


Since 2011 we have been advising customers on how to cope with hostile drones, also known as remotely piloted aerial systems (RPAS) or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). We are specialized in the detection and deterrence of Group 1 and Group 2 drones i.e. smaller type commercial drones weighing less than 30 kilograms.


As former military professionals we have hands-on experience with night vision and thermal systems since 1987. We know what demanding customers want and can advise and supply accordingly. With our one-stop-shop we can provide anything from easy to use hand-held products up to more complex and integrated systems.


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