MSS Defence: Our Ethical Principles

Our ethical principles are the values that set the ground rules for all that we do as employees of MSS Defence.

We adhere to standards that are accepted by all members of our network, our customers and suppliers included.

As former military officers a promise was made that we would never lie, steal or deceive. We still live up to this promise, however in business. due to privacy considerations and confidentiality agreements we cannot be completely transparent. However, we still adhere to standards that are accepted by all members of our network, our customers and suppliers included.


We strive to keep people and society safe. It is a basic human need to feel safe and, as we see it, a human right. Through providing systems and solutions that increase security, we can make this possible. Peace, security and stability are prerequisites to ensure that sustainable and resilient societies prosper. Defence is a stepping stone for this. In a world where threats against societies are growing increasingly diverse, MSS Defence contributes to defence and security capabilities as a trusted partner in many  countries around the globe.

In short:

  • We never deliberately mislead and are as transparent as possible, freely sharing information, as appropriate to the relationship.
  • We keep our commitments and will not make promises that can’t be kept.
  • We are open and direct in our communication and respect the abilities and contributions of others.
  • We maintain an awareness of the needs of others and act to meet those needs whenever possible.


Mission readiness is what we stand for and what we do. Mission readiness refers to the ability to understand, plan, program, and fulfil core mission responsibilities, even and especially in the face of emerging threats and other major changes in circumstance. Across today’s ever-shifting geo-political climates, this is a dynamic and critical need.


Tailor made solutions for your specific needs and budget.  You benefit from years of military experience on operational and senior staff level. 

Ukraine Service Desk

A dedicated Ukrainian department has been set up within MSS Defence in order to facilitate the increased requests fomr this region. 


Our workshops are prepared and conducted by highly skilled and experienced maritime security consultants and instructors. Each instructor has a NATO Naval or Special Forces (SF) background.

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