NovAtel’s integrated global positioning solutions have proven to deliver success time and time again on land, sea and in the air. They help many of the world’s leading companies stay in the lead by consistently delivering OEM global satellite positioning products that are recognized for their technical innovation, unsurpassed quality and industry-leading customer support.

Sustained Growth
NovAtel’s GPS legacy began in the early 1990s with a small dedicated group of geomatics engineers driven by the exciting possibilities of an emerging technology. Since then it has evolved into a global leader of over 350 employees with the industry’s most comprehensive line of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) products, manufactured at their Calgary, Canada headquarters. Through significant ongoing investments in research and strong customer partnerships, they are now able to provide our GNSS receivers, antennas and subsystems to developers of applications, who could never have dreamed of it in 1992.

Superior Positioning and Navigation Solutions
Unsure of what GNSS means? GNSS is an industry term used to describe all of the world’s satellite constellations, operating or planned. It currently incorporates the American GPS, Russia’s GLONASS, China’s Compass and the European Economic Union’s Galileo satellite systems. The ability to track all constellations is significant to our customers as the more constellations tracked, the better the reliability and availability of the positioning and navigation solutions, especially in partially obstructed environments. Our customers depend on them to develop innovative positioning products that utilize satellite signals not only from currently operating systems, but also from systems to be launched in the future. Their next-generation OEM6™ GNSS receiver platform exemplifies such future-proof technology.

Industry’s Most Comprehensive OEM Product Line
NovAtel’s complete product line is developed to meet a wide range of accuracy and cost requirements. Providing exceptional positioning performance with leading edge technology, NovAtel receivers are known for their low power consumption and comprehensive message suites for configuration and data logging. Their product line also extends to sophisticated reference receivers which they supply to the national aviation ground networks of USA, Japan, Europe, China and India.

By searching for true innovation in RF (Radio Frequency) and digital design, signal processing, and embedded software, NovAtel continues to build its technology and product portfolio thereby strengthening its position as a true innovator and technology leader in precise positioning.


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