There are millions of night vision devices in use by military customers

These night vision devices are subject to harsh battle field conditions and extreme military usage. Replacement of a night vision device is very costly. Refurbishment, repair or upgrading is a very cost-effective alternative solution. Our customers can now make use of this repair service, executed by our highly specialized affiliated repair center, located in The Netherlands.

We can provide repair and/or replacement services for the following parts of night vision devices

Image Intensifying Tube (ITT)
Burned or malfunctioning night vision tubes are replaced by brand new ones from Photonis or Harder. We can select a GEN2+ or GEN3 tube that will meet your requirement and/or budget.

Power supply
We replace defect night vision power supplies with brand new ones.

Malfunctioning night vision electronics will be repaired. We repair PCB’s, reconnect wiring or replace electronic switches.

Housing and optics
We check whether we can repair broken housings and optics. We replace broken battery compartments and broken switches. Or change lenses to brand new ones.

We use the following process for getting your night vision devices up and running again:

1. Initiating
Contact MSS Defence with your repair request: brand, type, quantity,
description of the unit and the charasteristics of the defect.

2. RMA
You will receive an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number from MSS Defence. Now you can ship your device(s) to MSS Defence.

3. Examination and PFR
Our product specialists will examine the device(s) and will make a report. Base on this report you will receive a proposal for repair (PFR)

4. Repair or return
Upon you authorization we will repair the device(s). Or we will return the unrepaired device(s).

5. Test
Upon completion of the repair or refurbishment the night vision device(s) will be tested thoroughly. We will draft an acceptance test report (ATR).

6. Return
We will ship the repaired or refurbished device(s) to you, together with the ATR. We will take care of export authorization when applicable.

Current Night Vision Products available from MSS Defence

We have a large number of night observation products from renowned manufacturers in our online catalogue. Have a look through the catalogue to see what is currently available from MSS Defence.

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