Eastimage X-Rays pass severe test

Top quality Eastimage X-Rays pass Russian Federation tests

The Russian Federation Security Bureau (RFSB) is one of the strictest security inspection equipment test bureaus. RFSB has positively tested the EASTIMAGE EI-6550DV Dual Generator Dual View X-ray scanner. As we speak there are several units installed in Russian Federational Civil Aviation Sytems. Besides this all units have European CE Certification.


Dual view design – display horizontal and vertical images simultaneously – identify overlapping articles and contraband easily and precisely.
New x-ray protection technology
Multi-functional image processing system
EI-TIP( Threat Image Projection) function
Clear images
Removable split structure with independent console
Medium tunnel design with multi-functional operator interface
Support JPG&BMP image transformation format to USB

How do X-Rays work?

X-rays pass easily through air and soft tissue of the body. When they encounter more dense material, such as a tumor, bone, or a metal fragment, they are stopped. Diagnostic X-rays are performed by positioning the part of the body to be examined between a focused beam of X-Rays and a plate containing film. This process is painless. The greater the density of the material that the X-Rays pass through, the more rays are absorbed. Thus bone absorbs more X-Rays than muscle or fat, and tumors may absorb more X-Rays than surrounding tissue. The X-Rays that pass through the body strike the photographic plate and interact with silver molecules on the surface of the film.

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