Update on the BS-500 Tactical Drone Disruptor

On 21st of March we presented the BS-500 Tactical Drone Disruptor to the Dutch public. Just with one small press release (see the original release here) we generated lots of interest. A few days later we send a digital mailing to our global network.

Companies that almost immediately showed interest are from all over the world: The Netherlands, Vietnam, USA, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Thailand, Greece, Belgium and Tanzania.

This shows that today maybe #drones are a very hot topic but as we speak the #disruption of #drones will a runner up.

Drone disruption is getting a hot topic with ISIS now deploying 650 USD drones as a delivery means for explosive devices. Power, payload, endurance and autonomy of drones are rapidly increasing while costs are rapidly decreasing. This leads to increased lethality on the battlefield.

Governments are more and more concerned and are investing in anti-drone solutions, the USA alone is investing an extra 20 million USD to deal with ISIS using drones.

Of course you can use expensive rocketry to defeat a drone. But commanders will be very careful when launching very expensive weaponry against a 650 USD costing threat. With the BS-500 they now have a solution that cost-effectively will minimize the drone threat on the battlefield.

Check out the BS-500 Tactical Drone Disruptor by clicking here