December is a month for rememberance, celebrating, sharing and of course for gifts. MSS Defence now enables you to buy the ultimate Christmas gifts at special prices. Unbelievable discounts on some ready to ship products. To keep with the holiday spirit, MSS Defence donates 10% of all sales to The Netherlands Veterans Insititute. So share your holiday spirit by purchasing one of the below “must haves”.

Maxa Beam Handheld Searchlight –– Full package – DEMO – € 2.650,00
Dali S230 Handheld Thermal Imaging Monocular – NEW – € 1.660,00
NIJ IIIA Combat Helmet /w Black cover – NEW – € 89,00
Guide Infrared Handheld Thermal Imaging Binocular IR516 – Factory refurbished – € 2.210,00
Guardian XLC NIJ IIIA Anti-Ballistic Vest, For covert use /w cooling function /w cumberband /w carrying bag – NEW – € 249,00
Fraser Optics 14x40mm Gyrostabilized Monolite – NEW – € 1.330,00
NIJ IIIA Anti-ballistic Visor for Combat Helmet, fits all helmets – NEW – € 138,00