Yes, I like to contribute to the Dutch Veteran Association

Christmas 1914:

On a frosty, starlit night, a miracle took place. In 1914, a melody drifted over the darkness of No Man’s Land. First “O, Holy Night,” then “God Save the King”. Peeking over their trenches for what must have been the first time in weeks, soldiers were surprised to see Christmas trees lit with candles on the parapets of the enemy’s trenches. Then a shout: “You no shoot, we no shoot!”. The resulting Christmas Truce was a brief, spontaneous ceasefire that spread up and down the western front of the First World War. It’s also a symbol of the peace on Earth and goodwill toward humans so often lacking not just on the battlefront but in our everyday lives – Washington Post

In that spirit we sincerely hope that all soldiers and veterans will use Christmas as a day of peace and reflection. And to help those soldiers and veterans we invite you to share and contribute to the Dutch Veteran Association (Veteranen Platform). Please show your social responsibility and participate in this auction. On your behalf we will donate 60% of all generated revenues to the association.

The auction is for selected buyers only and contains nice to have and discounted products. You not only contribute to the association but will also receive a “wanna have” that you can use as another gift!

We kindly ask to submit your name and personal e-mail address below. You will receive a personal invitation and only then you will be asked to participate. Your bid will be placed confidentially and your personal details will not be shared.

Yes, I like to contribute to the Dutch Veteran Association