Dear all,

At the end of the year we always look forward to the next. Finalizing plans that will be vigorously executed from the 1st of January. Not taking time for contemplation because we need to move on. And no time for celebration as it could always have been better. However, hinted by our operations manager I did take some time to make this newsletter addressing the highlights of 2017. What a year it has been!


We did not change our marketing concept and further strengthened our approach to market: with personal sales, our franchise concept and our online proposition. As the previous one dated from 2015 we developed and launched a new corporate website in the 3rd quarter of 2017.


We received and executed orders from several Ministries of Defence. We provided assistance for cybersecurity related projects and supplied emergency accommodation for disaster relief operations. We participated at the DSEI show in London and at the NIDV show in Rotterdam. In the Netherlands we introduced our SOFTS proposition allowing Defence organisations to minimize their environmental footprint and to focus on main tasks.


To one of the West-African countries contributing to the United Nations we supplied various equipment for peace keeping operations. For quite a few potential projects we proposed a variety of products, ranging from portable radios to cargo airplanes. One of the largest projects that we were asked to assist for was to equip a new Coast Guard organization from teeth to toe, patrol boats and helicopters included.


Our Islamabad office was the most productive with requests ranging from observation tools to camouflage paint and orders for lubricants. As we speak there are very promising projects that hopefully will find a firm foothold early next year. Other countries we were very active in were Oman and KSA.


In Malaysia we had to pull the plug from one of the most promising projects that we were busy with since 2012. Reason was that a Dutch UAS manufacturer supported by our Malaysian customer circumvented us. Because this is not in line with our business ethics protocol we had to withdraw. Other business in Malaysia continues backed up by our local office. We improved our relationship with our Thai reseller. Our business in Indonesia was stalled because of extra “red tape” brought in by the MoD. Hopefully the supply to Indonesia will smooth up next quarter. Another set-back was that our regional director accepted a new job at the Dutch Navy and as a result left the company.

Product development

Together with 2 other Dutch companies we designed the GXS Rapid Deployable Gap Crossing Systems and introduced it to the Dutch Engineers in June. Followed by the international launch on the DSEI 2017 show. The first proposals are out and we expect the first sale to be effectuated early next year.

New products

We more and more focus on manufacturers that are locally very successful but can benefit from assistance with international business development in the military domain. Without making any investment with MSS DEFENCE we open up the international market. We’re now setting up exclusive distribution channels for 3 of such companies. Besides the products of these manufacturers we added many other new products to our catalogue such as:

HIPPO-X Light Tactical Mobility Platform
Codan – Envoy HF Radio
SENOP – LISA Hand-held Target Acquisition and Observation System
Mototok Tug System – Twin 6500

Herewith I take the opportunity to thank you for the cooperation and experiences of the past year and I look forward to a challenging new year. I wish you and your beloved ones good luck and most importantly good health!

Derk Wisman
CEO and Managing Director