VEHICLE INSPECTOR is to my knowledge the most versatile, robust and Mil-Std vehicle inspection system commercially available today. With unique characteristics. With its patented design and Dutch build quality it will be a real game changer.

Derk Wisman

Managing Director, MSS Defence

Unique characteristics:

  • Most robust proven en tested design
  • 4k digital PTZ camera technology
  • Easy removable modules for set-up and logistics
  • With climate control and intelligent maintenance
  • Robust IP67 construction
  • Remote web based controllability

Versatile in application:

  • Military checkpoints
  • Compound security
  • General car & truck inspection
  • Port security
  • Airport security
  • Oil & Gas security
  • Vehicle maintenance inspection

Unique VEHICLE INSPECTOR software:

  • Can be easily integrated into existing IT infra structure
  • Secure web based environment for easy access, control and miantenance
  • Auto-generates professional management reports and logs
  • Open and easy to use application programming interface (API)
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