Curent Dutch swap load vehicle

The Dutch Ministery of Defence will buy 600 swap loading systems, 100 tractor-trailer combinations in three main variants and 85 wheeled recovery vehicles. That is the conclusion after a research phase of the ‘Defence-wide Replacement of Swap Loading Systems, Tractor-Semi-trailer Combinations and Wheel Storage Vehicles’ programme. State Secretary Christophe van der Maat informed the House of Representatives of this in a letter today.

The vehicles are used in supply, excavation, bridge building, heavy transport and wheeled vehicle recovery. New transport vehicles are needed to meet current operational requirements. Moreover, the old ones are at the end of their technical service life.

Full violence spectrum
Besides the vehicles, equipment for storage, transhipment and physical distribution, among others, will be replaced. The purchase also includes armoured cabs and remote-controlled weapon stations. They are needed for the vehicles to operate in the full violence spectrum. The vehicles will also get tyres that allow them to continue driving in an emergency despite leaks.

The vehicles must operate under tough terrain and climatic conditions. Some even have to be deployable in amphibious missions and operations where no bridging equipment is available. This places high demands on the equipment in terms of off-road capability, temperature resistance, wading capability, steerability, ease of operation and climate control.

‘Off the shelf’
The Ministery of Defence wants to buy existing technology and systems. Where necessary, those so-called commercial/military off the shelf vehicles will be adapted to military requirements. Also, the environmental and climate impact of the new equipment must be as low as possible. During the tender, therefore, specific attention is paid to fuel-saving techniques. Defence is also looking at driving simulators and electronic learning environments for education and training.

Defence is continuously reviewing whether more vehicles may be needed as a result of the plans in the 2022 Defence Paper.

The current project involves €250 million to €1 billion. This investment will be made before 2028.


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