Operational combat clothing

The final combat clothing from the Defence Operational Clothing System (DOKS) project is expected to take a year longer to arrive. During testing, the clothing offered did not meet the requirements set in advance by Defence. The organisation considers quality more important than speed and will not accept anything less. State Secretary Christophe van der Maat informed the Dutch House of Representatives.

Defence tested the clothing of the potential suppliers. Thus, soldiers from different units wore the combat clothing under different (climatic) conditions. This included functionality and wearing comfort. Various quality tests were also carried out. None of the systems currently meet Defence’s requested specifications.

Both suppliers have indicated that they can improve the combat clothing to still meet the set quality requirements.

Interim solution

Earlier, the DOKS project also stalled. That was due to summary proceedings initiated by rejected suppliers. Defence decided at an earlier stage to introduce an interim solution. Military personnel have been receiving this improved interim clothing package since the middle of last year. With the issue of some 480.000 trousers and jackets, this involves a major logistical operation. With DOKS taking longer to arrive, the interim solution is being extended.

Source: Ministery of Defence

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