This anti-ballistic set contains a basic black cover with adjustable velcro straps and 2 pouches to insert trauma plates. Inserted in back and front are 2 removable soft anti-ballistic inserts offering protection against 9mm bullets. The anti-ballistic trauma plates can be inserted in the back and front pouches. The trauma plates offer protection up to 7,62mm armour piercing bullets. The helmet is a fits all PASGT model offering protection up to 9mm bullets.


Vest Helmet Trauma Plate
Type Basic PASGT Curved /w soft inside padding
Material UHMWPE inserts and 1000D Polyesther cover UHMWPE UHMWPE/Alumina Ceramic
Weight (kg) 2.7 1,25 2,85
Size Large Fits all 10 x 12′
Colour Black Black Black
Protection level (NU) IIIA IIIA IV (stand alone)

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