The newest personal soldier energy solution: HAMSTER! This is your own flexible power source for your personal radio, optics or tactical light. Feed it with the included foldable solar panel. Or hook it up to another source that is available to you: your vehicle, a charger or an aggregate. Insert your own AA batteries (8 pieces) or use the included Li-ion battery with 7,4  Volts and 5,4 Amps. A 4oW/h power source! Never ever without power.

The SENOP HAMSTER Energy Harvesting System is a smart and modular external power source system with the capability of harvesting energy from any available power source such as solar panels, vehicle power systems or aggregates. With the SENOP HAMSTER, the user is able to achieve 24/7 usability and exceed the needs of today´s operations with very few batteries to carry on operation. The system can be attached to the user´s personal gear (e.g. battle vest) with an optional pouch. The SENOP HAMSTER’s construction is robust and is shock and weather proof. The system consists of an energy harvesting unit, an output cable, an input charging cable, a solar panel, a SENOP Li-Ion battery and a tactical pouch (optional).

External Hamster power source

The SENOP HAMSTER can function as an external power source for any device which is capable of utilizing an external power source (connectivity  and voltage range). Different connection cables are available on request. The SENOP HAMSTER is able to utilize the following battery types:


  • SENOP Li-Ion battery (7.4 V, 5.4 Ah, 40 Wh)
  • AA-size primary batteries (8 pcs) with SENOP battery adapter (12 V)
  • AA-size rechargeable batteries (8 pcs) with SENOP battery adapter (9.6 V)

Energy harvesting with Hamster

The SENOP HAMSTER can be connected to various types of external energy sources in order to charge the battery inside the harvesting unit. The SENOP HAMSTER can harvest energy from external energy sources (e.g. solar panels) to a SENOP Li-Ion battery. Charging times depend on the energy source. For example, the battery charging time with a solar panel (with maximum output current) or from a vehicle´s power source, is approximately 4 hours.

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