Derk Wisman - CEO

Major (res) Derk Wisman oversees all MSS activities and has a particular focus on business in Africa and the Middle-East. He joined.....

Dick Swijgman

Dick Swijgman joined MSS Defence in 2016 and provides guidance to the management team and advises customers on the strategic level.

Jeroen Engelkes

Jeroen Engelkes joined MSS Defence as Associated Director. Jeroen served as an officer in the Dutch Navy since 1986, specialized in piloting PC-3 Orion long range.....

Kenneth Chong

Kenneth Chong 莊實灝 joined MSS Defence in 2018. He is your ideal "go to person" to pursue all avenues to meet your demands and MSS's ability to supply high-end defence solutions. Kenneth is fluent in English, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia and Cantonese.

Patrick Cammaert Chairman

Major General (ret) Patrick Cammaert is non-executive chairman of MSS Defence's advisory board. He has a distinguished military career ...

Robert van der Meij

Robert van der Meij joined MSS Defence in 2017. He advices on and oversees business development activities in Asia and structuring large contracts worldwide.

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