In February 2017 we received a request for quotation from one of our international customers. Our customer wanted to equip a squadron of SF operators “from head to toe”. With our one-stop-shop this would not be a very big problem.

This request was ideal for MSS DEFENCE as we could prove to be able to provide a “one-stop-shop” solution. It was quite a challenge as we needed to make a proposal for 144 items within 3 days. These items were distributed over many categories such as uniforms, protective gear, communication equipment, night vision binoculars, navigation systems, lighting systems, medical aid products, diving gear, boats and ships.

We quickly tasked our sourcing team consisting of Navy and Special Forces specialists and together we worked around the clock and were able to present our solution with even a few hours to spare!


Our proposal included, amongst many other items:

• Body armour with buoyancy characteristics
• Life jackets
• Containerized accommodation
• VHF radios and base stations
• Night vision goggles
• Binoculars with gyro-stabilized optics
• Scuba diving sets
• Rebreather diving sets
• Fast interception patrol boats
• Commando boats
• AIS systems

Do you like to know what our one-stop-shop concept can do for you? Experience real value for money with our single point of contact and quick all-in-one technical and financial proposal procedures.



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