MSS Defence Case Studies


Business Risk Consultancy: Africa

Details: Investigation of a company and provision of protection of client’s board members and on the ground security for the board members

Thermal Imaging & Night Vision Systems

Thermal imaging and night vision systems for medium and long range observation, a decision analysis. Decision support for deciding which night vision or thermal imaging products are the most effective and economic for various hand-held uses. This example focuses on 2 types of use: short range (<300 meters) and long range (>1.000 meters).



Drone Detection System

Drone threat mitigation consultancy

The need for protecting critical infrastructure from potential drone threats is daily news. Since 2011 MSS DEFENCE has been providing various solutions to protect airspace from drone threats. These solutions are tailored to the situation, the threat and the available budget.

We can conduct site surveys and execute risk assessments as needed. We identify the combination of technologies and human components best suited to deliver optimal airspace protection. We offer scalable solutions, ranging from handheld devices up to fully automated detection and disruption systems.

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