Today’s and tomorrow’s soldiers need the best equipment. Lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly, long lasting and low on energy consumption. And of course ready for the modern battlefield where information management at the speed of change is essential.
We supply high-performance, rugged, see-through and low-profile Helmet-Mounted Displays (HMD) utilizing OLED microdisplay technology. Packaged around a color-corrected, non-pupil-forming optic providing amazing image quality with long eye relief. With focus adjustment (diopter) built in. Used in many different scenarios, often including training and simulation where see-through optics are required. Also common are binocular setups utilizing two LE-750A displays for stereo vision roles, i.e., for driving.  Control is achieved via in-line buttons in the cable, or a cable without buttons can be supplied to allow the user to integrate the control into his/her own system. Mounting options are vast and varied; custom mounts can also be provided. All our mounting systems allow for comfort and relaxed viewing while wearing. Built to MIL-STD and sealed upto IP67, this unit is designed to be deployed in harsh operational training and combat conditions and environments.
We supply the new Light Tactical Mobility Platform (LTMP) HIPPO-X. What is required from such a vehicle is payload capacity to unburden the soldier, the terrain accessibility to go where the soldier goes and the on-board power generating-capability that reduces the overall resupply burden. The HIPPO-X carries a platoon’s 2nd line gear including day packs, 60mm shells, spare ammunition, water jerry cans and batteries, totalling ~800 kilograms. The addition of a trailer gives the HIPPO-X the ability to carry an entire mortar section’s equipment with 3 x 81 mm mortars, 312 x 81mm shells and the section’s personal kit, a combined weight of over 2 tonnes. Its terrain accessibility is high: amphibious, air droppable, air transportable, skid steering and with a track kit. With a 5kW gemerator and build-in Litium Ion batteries. READ MORE.
Regulating the body temperature and preventing overheating of a soldier will optimize awareness and endurance. With our E·COOLINE range of  Cooling Combat Shirts we have the solution. By reducing the skin temperature with 2,5 degrees these products make the difference. A combination of different textile materials dedicated solely for such use provides effective dissapation of heat and moisture, while ensuring even distribution of cold air from the cooling liners. Soft, skin friendly and comfortable. Additionally protecting against cuts under ASTM F1790. To activate the cooling just pour 0,5 dl of water over the shoulder pads. The system operates in an active manner even at high temperatures for up to 20 hours. Availabe in any military combat shirt design.
The Hamster Energy Harvesting System is a smart and modular external power source system with the capability of harvesting energy from any available power source such as solar panels, vehicle power systems or aggregates. With the Hamster Energy Harvesting System, the user is able to achieve 24/7 usability and exceed the needs of today´s operations with very few batteries to carry on operation. The system can be attached to the user´s personal gear (e.g. battle vest) with an optional pouch. The Senop HAMSTER’s construction is robust and is shock and weather proof. The system consists of an energy harvesting unit, an output cable, an input charging cable, a solar panel, a Senop Li-Ion battery and a tactical pouch (optional). The Hamster Energy Harvesting System can be connected to various types of external energy sources in order to charge the battery inside the harvesting unit. READ MORE.
Designed for Armed Forces personnel requiring the smallest, lightest, highest power density portable solar chargers in support of mobile forces operating in austere environments. P3Solar’s P3 products are designed for United States and Allied Armed Forces personnel requiring the smallest, lightest, highest power density portable solar chargers in support of mobile forces operating in austere environments. The products scale to meet the mission’s portable power needs and are reliable to use again and again. We deliver these products in a timely, cost effective manner and support their use until no longer needed or functional. READ MORE.
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