Why military decision makers go for green energy solutions like rollable tow-out solar panels

Standalone, grid-interactive or diesel hybrid energy source. Multiple systems in parallel can provide multi-megawatt scale industrial power. The nature of the technology is modular and scalable. The solar photovoltaic roll can be provided in different lengths depending on the power capacity required. The battery bank consists of modular building blocks, so the capacity can also be customised. This modularity offers great flexibility in system configuration and also the benefits of greater resilience from redundant parallel operation of key components. Just a single Rapid Roll “T” system can power a Headquarters complete with communications equipment, and a number of systems running in parallel may power an entire FOB.

Life saving

  • With 3.000 military casualties in fuel convoy protection alone in Iraq and Afghanistan, reducing or eliminating the need for fuel convoys can be life-saving.

Cost effective – less logistics

  • Cost of fuel delivery to remote Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) may reach $400 per gallon (according to US military estimates).
  • On this basis, fuel savings may provide a Return-on-Investment against the capital cost of the solar panel system in as little as 2 – 3 months.

Small package – less volume – less weight – less logistics

  • Up to 16 kWp of PV from a Rapid Roll “T” trailer – towable by a standard 4×4 vehicle

Quickly deployable – no down time – speed

  • Field deployable “Power on “ in 2 minutes
  • No solar engineers needed
  • Simple setup – pre-wired with integrated power cabling – no onsite engineering needed

With storage – sustainable operations

  • Energy storage for 24/7 operation
  • 50 KWh from integrated Li-Ion battery bank

Designed for military – Integrated – no other equipment needed

  • Easily mounted on an on-road or off-road trailer or flat-bed truck
  • Air-lift capable and compatible with commercial and military air freight pallets
  • With ISO shipping container variant (under design) – with power capacities up to 300 kWp

Green Energy Solutions

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