METTLER TOLEDO is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. The Company has strong worldwide leadership positions. A significant majority of instrument sales are in segments in which we are the global leader. In addition to a broad product offering, we have one of the largest global sales and service organizations among precision instrument companies.

Industrial Solutions

Their industrial solutions are often used by the same customers as their laboratory instruments but are used in manufacturing facilities rather than in the research labs. Mettler Toledo’s industrial instruments and software optimises operations from receiving to shipping, with solutions for production, end-of-line inspection and logistics.

Their solutions provide value to customers with improved product quality, accelerated and automated processes, increased efficiency and regulatory compliance. Many of the solutions are integrated directly into their customers’ ERP systems.

Their offering to the industrial market includes industrial scales and terminals; software such as statistical quality control, formulation and batching; metal detectors, checkweighers, x-ray visioning systems; automatic identification, data capture and dimensioning solutions for transportation and logistics; and vehicle weighing solutions.

Competitive Advantages 

The company’s innovative solutions, combined with their vast global network and industry leadership, make METTLER TOLEDO a strong franchise that stands out from the competition. METTLER TOLEDO is built on a foundation of strengths which gives them important advantages over their competition. These advantages include:

Market Leadership
METTLER TOLEDO has leading positions in each of their markets, and a significant majority of instrument sales are in segments in which they are the global leader.

Brand Reputation
Among instrument companies, METTLER TOLEDO has one of the strongest brands. Their brand has significant meaning to many customers and is identified with accuracy, reliability and innovation. Their reputation is why customers turn to them for their most critical needs such as product quality, productivity, cost savings and regulatory compliance.

The company has a long track record of technological innovation and are leaders in providing innovative solutions to enhance customer processes. This capability arises from their understanding of customer processes, continued significant investment in research and development,  manufacturing expertise in sensor technology and their strength in software development.

Global Sales Network
METTLER TOLEDO has one of the largest global sales and service organizations of any precisions instrument company. This geographic coverage allows them to participate in all major markets, including the fast-growing emerging markets. The local focus of their network enables them to provide timely, responsive support to customers and provides valuable feedback for manufacturing and product development.

Recurring Service Revenue
The company currently has the largest installed base of weighing instruments in the world, which provides recurring service revenue. Their comprehensive service offering includes installation, calibration, preventative maintenance and repair and remote services. Their services help customers to maximize the reliability and uptime of their instruments. The company also provides services to help customers ensure compliance with various regulatory requirements.

The sales base is diversified in terms of geographic region, product range, industry and customer. No single customer accounts for more than 3% of the company’s net sales. Their presence in many geographic markets facilitates sales to multinational customers.


With such powerful competitive advantages, METTLER TOLEDO is well positioned to continue to expand its leadership positions. Growth strategies are focused on gaining market share in developed countries, expanding its presence in emerging markets, extending its technology lead, maintaining its cost leadership and pursuing strategic acquisitions.



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