MaxiTrack is a totally new approach to temporary ground and vehicle protection. By using 1.8 x 0.9 meter mats with a 23mm core, the weight has been kept to a man-handleable 40kg. Alternatively the mats can be kept in fours, and craned into position as 3.6 x 1.8m mats.  Overlapping flanges provide maximum support and mud suppression, with unique slotted joints to cope with heat and pressure expansion.

  • Provides smooth standing, landing and driving on rough terrain.
  • Simple to install by hand.
  • Packed in stillages for efficient storage and logistics.

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Rapid Installation – Easy To Handle – Tough – Extra Strong Grip – Versatile – Mud Suppression – Made of Recycled Plastic

Corner joints for MaxiTrack

With MaxiTrack you now can custom build your own trackway design. With the new “corner joints” you can make any left or right turn.

Flush bolts for MaxiTrack MkII ground plates

With the MaxiTrack MkII users now have an extra benefit. With the already exteremely well...

MaxiTrack: The world’s most heavy duty man-handleable trackway.

The new MaxiTrack system is a truly innovative approach to temporary ground protection.  The lightweight 40kg mats can easily be handled by two workers without the need for specialist lifting equipment or expensive crane hire.

And yet the mats are extremely heavy duty and incredibly strong, able to support huge loads up to 130 tonnes.

Overlapping flanges provide maximum support, reduced slippage and mud suppression, with unique slotted joints to cope with heat expansion on large areas.

40 ton Boeing 727 on MaxiTrack

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