The customer has an imminent need for long range night firing solutions for their .50 HMG and asked for solutions with a short delivery time and to focuss on weapon mounted night vision scopes. The .50 HMG is a heavy recoil weapon. This makes the weapon by definition unsuitable for weapon mounted sights, as the operator needs to have a very large eye-relief because of the shock and vibration. A weapon mounted sight is an excellent solution for a bolt action .50 sniper weapon system but is less suitable for a tripod or vehicle mounted .50 HMG. Nevertheless, should you com across a requirement like this, we as military experts suggest to consider the following configurations.

Configuration 1.

There are many night vision sights available for .50 HMG. The pricing of those sights varies depending on the type of night vision tube that is used.

The .50 HMG is not mentioned to be used against small targets but as weapon against areas, buildings and vehicles. Furthermore, at the moment that .50 HMG systems will be used it is very likely that there will be battle field illumination, from tracer rounds up to white light parachutes and flares. Therefor the specifications of the tubes does not need to be the highest and we suggest to use Gen2+ High Definition tube equipped systems.

Another advantage is that the Gen2+ tubes have a delivery time of 4 weeks and the more advanced Gen3 tubes have a delivery time of 3 months.

We offer The ARMASIGHT VULCAN 8x scope. This is a high-end night vision scope designed for use in combination with heavy recoil weapon systems like the .50 HMG. The system is equipped with Gen2+ High Definition tubes. It is small in dimensions and weight. It fits on weaver or picatinny rails and can be mounted in seconds. It has multi coated all-glass lenses with an adjustable reticle. The scope is protected against ingress of water, sand and dust. It is fitted with tactical rails for illuminators.screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-17-02-06

Configuration 2.

A commonly used way to re the .50 HMG at night is with a weapon mounted infrared search light, in combination with night vision goggles. The most well-known is the Crew-Served Weapons Light (CSWL) from Peak Beam Systems. The infrared searchlight beam can only be seen with night vision optics therefore making this solution a semi-covert solution. To enable the operator to use this system he must be equipped with night vision optics. In this case we suggest the NV207-G2 monocular from Newcon Optik. This is a waterproof helmet or head mountable monocular night vision goggle.


Additionally you can also expand this configuration with and extra NV207-G2 for the helper, to provide the shooter with aiming and fire corrections.


The most simple way night firing a .50 HMG at night is with a white light searchlight. Wherever the operator aims with the white light the bullets will impact. The most combat proven system for this is the same Crew-Served Weapons Light (CSWL) from Peak Beam Systems as mentioned. The disadvantage is that this method is very overt and will expose the firing position of the operator. When used it gives away the own position. Of course this method can be used as an alternative when there is a malfunction of the night vision optics.


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