KENWOOD is the developer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and communication equipment. Founded in 1982, JVCKENWOOD Europe B.V. now part of JVCKENWOOD Corporation of Japan. Recognized by consumers and professionals as a supplier of quality performance and value.

The manufacturer has a reputation for bringing important new products to consumers on the market. The company made the first audio / video amplifier for home theater in since 1981. KENWOOD also developed the first anti-theft cassette cover for the car which could be removed from the dashboard. Was the first with “Automatic Broadcast Sensor System” and automatic noise reduction. The first with 24 presets and the first polypropylene loudspeaker cones. Over the years, KENWOOD engineers have developed dozens of new technologies that have been adopted by others.

KENWOOD Communications also maintains the position of market leader in portable radios. Portable 2-way radios and (adapted) transmitting equipment. Upon entering this market in since 1975, the company quickly became known for its dedication to quality, creating immediate demand and recognition for professional land-mobile radio products, including companies and government agencies.

KENWOOD land-mobile portables, radios and transmitting devices are recognized worldwide as the top choice, especially by aid workers, and are a valued and trusted supplier. In addition, the company has dominated the radio equipment market for radio amateurs for more than 30 years. Amateur radio products are the first choice for, for example, power stations of (voluntary) social workers.

Today KENWOOD takes the lead in developing market-driven products and remains one of the largest manufacturers of personal entertainment and communication equipment in the world. It is a central conviction at KENWOOD to continue listening to the market and to develop specific, high-quality products that meet the wishes of the consumer.

To view all the current products offered by KENWOOD, please visit our website.

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