MSS Defence’s Joint Purchase Advisory Team (JPAT) in action. Sometimes EOD customers wonder what the benefits are of cooperating with MSS Defence. To me it is very clear. But how to prove beforehand what our added value is? As always the prove is in the pudding. Let me share what we accomplished the past 2 weeks.

Our customer reached out to us on the 22nd of August with a requirement for 52 special EOD products. With a deadline at the 6th of September. That’s only 10 working days. For some companies this might be too much of a challenge.

The end-user is in explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) so the required products are very special and technologically advanced, ranging from remotely operated vehicles (ROV), inspection cameras, metal detectors, search kits, entry tools, lighting systems, explosives detectors up to RF jammers. But also the more ordinary stuff such as bomb suits, laser range finders, goggles and helmets. And of course a full instruction & training package. Doable? For some companies this might be over ambitious.

How did we do it? MSS Defence is in business since 2009 and we have a network of 200+ manufacturers with access to 5.000+ products and systems. We maintain relationships and work hard and fast. So we jumped into this with lots of energy and focus. Resulting in a 100% compliant proposal that was delivered on time.

Interested? Then contact us, share your requirement and experience what we can do for you.

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