Fujifilm - Renata Specht

1. Who is Renata Specht, could you tell something about yourself?

At FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe, I work in the position of Manager Binoculars, Night Vision and CCTV in charge of the European Market.
My tasks include sales and marketing activities, security trade control and product planning and finally planning and execution of European exhibitions.

2. Could you describe Fujifilm’s relationship with MSS Defence?

The business relationship with MSS Defence starts about 10 years ago. At that time Fujifilm was looking for a reliable and trustful partner in the Netherlands, active in the professional business field. As a manufacturer of high-end optics, we focused on reliable partners with deep know how and affinity to sensitive markets. With MSS Defence we found a right partner and are looking forward to new exciting projects. 

3. Could you tell me a bit about the history of Fujinon?

The history of FUJINON binoculars began in 1947, with the release of Meibo 6x25MM. Although small, it was loved by numerous users as a binocular with advanced optical performance. Adding improvements to the specifications and launching a number of new items to the word, Fujinon binoculars have obtained absolute reliability, in both professional and semi-professional markets. 

4. What makes Fujinon binoculars unique compared to other binocular brands?

We have big experience and sound knowledge in optics, our CCTV or TV/ Cine lenses counts to the best in the market. With our range of binoculars, we cover challenging demands and various applications. The Day and Night models offers the unique possibility to combine day and night vision in one device easily. When exchanging the eyepieces and using the Stabiscope model, the gyro stabilized system allows handhold operation even under harsh conditions. With the 25x150ED D/N or even with the 40x150ED large binocular we offer 24/7 long range observation systems, which found their application in border control stations, coast guards and wherever crystal clear view matters. The sophisticated coatings (Electron Beam coating) and technologies (Flat-field-technology) allowed Fujinon binoculars performance at very high demand. That’s why you may find Fujinon binoculars with professional users, such like police, Special Forces, governmental institutions and much more.

5. Is there a difference between military clients & nature/marine users?

Yes, definitely there is. Both users are entitled to good quality but the requirements are different. Our goal is to understand the needs and to offer the best suitable product in order to satisfy our clients and offer them a “moments of happiness” with the Fujinon binocular!

6. Recently Fujifilm released a new Techno- Stabi named TS12x28, could you tell me something about it? 

The NEW Techno- Stabi TS12x28 is an excellent binocular with image stabilisation system. Over the last few months we spend lot of time talking to our business partners, introducing this new model and everyone, really everyone was delighted with the performance. The TS12x28 is small and lightweight, performing stabile view even at 12x magnification. The vibration correction range is ±3° and allows effective use land, sea or air. It works with only one CR2 battery which can run for up to 12 hours. We are very happy to offer this small “miracle” and are looking forward to the further magnifications.

7. What else is planned for the upcoming year(s)?

During this year we plan to introduce additional stabilized models and our legendary TS14x40 will get a new “LOOK”, also additional marketing activities in Europa are planned. On the CCTV side, we are going to introduce a completely new long-range surveillance system so called SX800, which offers an observation device using sophisticated technologies and combining features like, Full HD, Day/Night up to 950nm, Advanced Optical Image Stabilization, High speed AUTOFOCUS  less than 1s & continuous AUTOFOCUS and much more. We continuously work on new products and are improving our technologies in order to offer the best quality devices. 

8. Is there anyone you personally would like to see use a Fujinon binocular?

Binoculars are varied in use and we are proud of all users, which are happy with our products, professional, semi-professionals, hunters, boat owners, nature lovers and much more. The most important is, that you have a good feeling with the optic you use and with Fujinon binoculars you are always on the right track. 

9. I’ve read that you take binoculars with you on holidays – which binocular are you taking on your next holiday?

I am still “in love” with the new Techno-Stabi TS12x28 and I have the feeling, that summer 2019 will be dedicated to this one 😉  We already scheduled some nice holiday’s destinations for this season and I am sure, we will find space for this small “optical miracle”.

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