New world-wide distributor of innovative incradifloat modular pontoons

The Hague, January 8th, 2018. In order to maximize growth in the military market, INCRADIFLOAT and MSS DEFENCE agreed upon a partnership. INCRADIFLOAT is the designer and manufacturer of a unique modular pontoon system. MSS DEFENCE will be the international master distributor for the military and disaster relief market segments.

The INCRADIFLOAT modular pontoons are transportable as ISO Containers. The modules are standard available in a load classes S, M and U, allowing deck loads up to 15 tons per square meter. The patented and certified INCRADILOCK coupling system allows quick and safe interconnection. The couplings give coupled pontoon assemblies immense structural strength and allows for easy handling and quick installation. INCRADIFLOAT originates from Hoek Naval Engineering BV, a Netherlands based company specialised in naval engineering and design.

This modular pontoon system addresses our customers’ gap crossing needs in the higher MLC segment. With its unique selling points like extremely easy logistics and transportation, a smart coupling system, versatility, safety features and affordability this system will be a real game changer in situations where heavy vehicles like trucks and tanks need to quickly cross a river or canal

Derk Wisman

Managing Director, MSS Defence

For more information please contact Derk Wisman of MSS DEFENCE at or Wouter Hoek of INCRADIFLOAT at

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