The MSS approach

Transparency for maximum customer satisfaction

At MSS Defence we work closely with all team members to ensure that the solutions, being products, systems or consultancy, are tailored to our customer’s requirements and budget. Our involvement at the earliest stages of the process helps a smooth delivery of our solution. Once the specification is agreed upon we will advise, source and supply, in close liaison with our customer. The MSS Defence managing director (MD) is responsible for sanctioning all quotations and invoices.

Our project management

Transparency for more complex challenges and solutions

For complex solutions we supervise integration and meticulously manage the project. Before we supply, the required solution, being a single product or an entire system, will go through a rigid testing and acceptance process. For consultancy services we have of course a different quality assurance process.

1. Pre-purchase advisory
2. Project management
3. Optional: Design and engineering
4. Optional: Configuration and programming
5. Delivery, optional installation and commissioning
6. Optional: User training
7. Remote assistance and optional on-site maintenance

Some of our completed projects

A partial list of completed projects can be found by clicking on the the button. They give a good indication of our track record and versatility. For various reasons we cannot provide details of all our past accomplishments, however this list provides a good impression of our capabilities and past performance.

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Sales and Projects approach

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