With MSS Defence we are experienced in advising customers on how to improve the security of hotels. We contributed to hotel security in countries like Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Belgium. And we have very recent experience in advising customers to bolster security of their floating hotels i.e. large cruise ships.

Risk of open environment
The open environment of hotels is welcoming to guests but also creates vulnerabilities that must be addressed. Ensuring that all public spaces are continually monitored by staff and security personnel is crucial in maintaining a hospitable environment.

Customer service role
Presenting security personnel in a customer service role with guards dressed in business clothing rather than police- or military-style uniform, makes for a more accessible presence. This careful balance of customer service and security requires experience, specialized training and supervision. When the hotel’s guests feel that they are both welcome and watched-over, they will feel more comfortable.

For maximum security, posting security guards at front entrances and other access points is vital. Security guards are able to report suspicious activity, conduct property tours and protect guests and guest information from outsiders. A 24/7 security presence is a strong deterrent to unwanted activity and a clear signal to guests that the hotel is secure.

The hotel’s CCTV system should track all of the hotel’s public areas, including the parking lot, gym, restaurants, loading dock, etc.

Proactive security efforts and emergency planning initiatives should involve everyone with an interest in security. Existing security plans should be reviewed annually, and evacuation and response drills, as well as and other training sessions should include external groups. Involving everyone in planning and training will allow plans to be as situational as possible, and also help ensure a more efficient implementation if the worst-case scenario does occur.

Hotel Security – High-risk checklist
Please contact MSS Defence for checklists and surveys tailored to the threat level, your vulnerability and your budget.


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