GXS Gap Crossing Systems is a Dutch quality product, from leading and innovative companies SLAMDAM, RVM and MSS DEFENCE. This new to market product has been succesfully demonstrated to Dutch MoD with the first units to be supplied this year. To learn more you may watch the below 60 seconds video.

Various purposes:


  • River crossing
  • Onstacle crossing
  • Floating platform
  • Forward operating base
  • Platform for cross decking
  • Mine field crossing
  • Ferry boat
GXS Rapid Deployable Gap Crossing Systems can be tailored to many requirements and can be customized for the vehicle that you are using. Being a 4×4 or heavy armoured vehicle, GXS can cross the gap.

Distinctive features:

  • Build a 10 meter bridge within 10 minutes
  • Low weight
  • Low volume
  • Flexible in use
  • Multi-purpose
  • Affordable


GXS Standard model

The standard system is constructed from flotation elements measuring 300 x 46 x 240 centimeters. With this size GXS can carry 4x4’s up to 1,5 tons gross vehicle weight.

Various versions

The various bridging systems can be supplied with various fit-for-purpose top layers.

The LIGHT version is fitted with rollable light weight mats or trackways. It’s very fast and flexible.

The HEAVY DUTY makes use of connectable ground plates each measuring 1 x 2 meters. The plates can be mancarried.

The EXTREME DUTY uses connectable ground plates each measuring 2 x 4 meters. This version needs equipment for transport and construction.

Load carrying capacity

The flotation elements define the load carrying capacity. The largest elements measure 10 meters (width) by 1 meter (height) and can carry loads up to 28,8 tons.