For over a quarter of a century General Starlight Company Inc. has been designing, developing and manufacturing high-performance, top-of-the-line, optical-electronic systems such as night vision, thermal imaging devices, as well as enhanced night vision systems for the global professional market. Exceptional reliability and performance of GSCI products are proven by thousands of satisfied users and the number is growing. GSCI is proud to be a repeated supplier for military, law enforcement and government agencies customers with tactical and combat proven electro-optical imaging products for critical day and nighttime operations.

GSCI helps make the World a safer place. This is what inspires them to innovate, design and deliver top quality, professional observation and detection systems to the global arena. Their products are engineered and made in Canada using thoroughly tested, grade “A” components. GSCI does NOT outsource and their products are globally available, ITAR-free and have no limitations on performance parameters such as FOM or refresh rate. In 2017 General Starlight Company celebrates its 25th anniversary. The passion, care, drive and attention to details have made GSCI brand a synonym for trust, quality, reliability and outstanding customer support.

At GSCI they will not accept anything but 100% customer satisfaction. This is their lifelong commitment to their customers – highly trained specialists make sure that the entire design, assembly, and testing process results in superior electro-optical products.

At GSCI they stand behind their quality statement with a 7-years warranty. The certification of compliance with ISO 9001:2008 recognizes that GSCI management systems, including policies, practices and procedures ensure consistent quality in the product and services provided to their clients world-wide. Their unique innovative products create great interest and demand in Optical Electronic Industry which led to increase their production capabilities, volumes, sales, R&D projects and therefore steady company’s annual growth.

To find out more, please visit our website to see the current offering of GSCI products.

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